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    Eucharistic Adoration February 04, 2022–Eucharistic Adoration-6:30pm-7:30pm-Bentleyville Main Church. Eucharistic Adoration /eucharistic-exposition-adoration _self
    Prayer Team Returns to Ministry at each Mass starting July 03-04, 2021……to request prayer or to be part of the team prayer team /prayer-team-ministry _self
  • Respect for Life Holy Hour
    january 22nd 2020 - 5:00PM
    Bentleyville Main Church

    January 22nd 2022

    Respect for Life Holy Hour
    5:00 PM
    Bentleyville Main Church
  • Cabbage roll Dinner
    January 30, 2022

    January 30th 2022
    Saint Katharine Drexel Parish
    Sunday Supper
    “Cabbage Roll Dinner”
    Dinner includes:
    Corn | Mashed Potatoes | Dinner Roll
    $12 per dinner

    Limited Dinners – Until Sold Out
    Eat-Ins start at 11:00 AM
    Take-outs too with curbside pick-up

    Order Early
    10:00 AM – 724-209-1370 ext. 424

    Additional option add-on
    Mini Bundt Cakes - $4.00 each

    Our homemade individual Mini Bundt Cakes

    Drexel Hall
    208 Abromaitis Street, Bentleyville, Pa 15314
  • SKDP    
    Mass and Confession Schedules

    Saint Katharine Drexel Parish
    Mass Schedules
    100% Seating Capacity
    WEEKDAY Mass intentions are needed! Please contact Office Manager Theresa Moser: 724-209-1370, extension 404 to schedule WEEKDAY Masses.

    Weekday Masses
    Monday through Friday 9:00 AM Mass
    Drexel Hall Chapel 

    Thursday and Friday

    8:30 AM Mass

    Richeyville Mission Church

    Weekend Masses
    Saturday  Mass at 4:00 PM
    Bentleyville Main Church  

    Sunday  Mass at 9:00 AM
    Richeyville Mission Church

    Sunday Mass at 11:00 AM
    Bentleyville Main Church

    Sacrament of Penance
    Saturdays 3:20 PM until 3:45 PM Bentleyville Main Church
    Reconciliation Room

    Sundays 8:20 AM until 8:45 AM Richeyville Mission Church

    Also available by appointment.
    Contact: 724-209-1370

  • Online MasseS

    Homebound Masses
    Watch Online
    Daily and Sunday

    (new listing - mass online)

    Saint Paul Cathedral
    Pittsburgh, Pa

     live at 8:15 AM
    Monday through Saturday, and
    10 AM Sunday
    click here for online web


      Recommendation is to watch on-demand, allow a half-hour to an hour after the Mass streams live for processing. Times will vary; please be patient.
    Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh
    Live Stream - Mass, Adoration and Prayer

    Other Sources
    TV Masses 
    6:30 AM WINP (ION) Channel 16

    Cable TV 7:00 am
    Atlantic Broadband
    WPGH Channel 710 or 10

    Cable TV 10:00 am Comcast Channel 95 (St. Paul Cathedral)

    Daily: Monday - Saturday
    Cable TV 8:15 AM Comcast Channel 95 (St. Paul Cathedral)

    St. Mary of Mercy
    Streams live at NOON
    click here for streaming
    COMCAST Channel 95 in Pittsburgh/XFINITY On Demand

    Daily:  EWTN
    Satellite TV DISH Network Channel 16 WINP (ION) or 261

    Daily: EWTN
    Direct TV channel 370


    Satellite Radio:  SiriusXM channel 129 (The Catholic Channel) and 130 (EWTH)

    WAOB Catholic Radio
    Daily Masses
    WAOB-AM 860
    WOAB-FM 106.7
    WPGR-AM 1510

    WJPA-1450  in Washington County, Pa - carries Mass from Immaculate Conception Parish at 10:35 AM every Sunday.

    EWTN Radio Programming

    or 24/7 live online:


    Catholic Radio Network

    iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Android
    CatholicTV APP  
    for Apple
    CatholicTV App for Android

  • Saint Katharine Drexel
    can donate online  

    ⇒ Parishioners can donate     online to the parish

    First Collection
    • Click here to fill out the form to give a one time donation or to set up weekly/monthly recurring donations for the first collection.
    Second Collection
    • Click here to fill out the second donation form.

    If you have any questions, please contact
    Ashley Besedick at bez32@comcast.net or contact us here on the website.     

  • Catholic Mass Times

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  • Today's Readings

  • Diocese of Pittsburgh Covid-19 Omicron Variant
    January 07, 2022

      Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh
    January 07, 2022
    News Release

         In a continuing commitment to care
    for the health, safety, and spiritual well-being of the faithful in the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Bishop David Zubik announces the following updated:

    COVID-19 / Omicron Variant
    Safety Protocols for
    diocesan parishes.
    These practices are effective January 7, 2022, and are to be continued until further notice.
  • First Friday Holy Hour
    February 04, 2022

    First Friday Holy Hour
    You're invited!
    February 04, 2022
    Please join us for a
    Holy Hour of Eucharistic Adoration
    6:30 pm-7:30 pm
    at the

    Bentleyville Main Church
    Friday, February 04, 2022

    and first Friday of every month
    "To gather in prayer on the first Friday every month is a longstanding tradition
    in the Catholic Church."
  • Breaking Bread Hymnal
    Inviting DONATIONS

    Saint Katharine Drexel Parish
    New Yearly Subscription of
    Breaking Bread Hymnal

    inviting donations

    We are inviting any parishioner to contribute $10.00 toward a Breaking Bread hymnal in honor of a loved one or fellow parishioner who is still living or in memory of a loved one or fellow parishioner who is deceased.   

         When you donate, a beautiful seal will be affixed to the Breaking Bread hymnal listing the names of your loved ones / fellow parishioners.

    We SKDP thank you for your donation.

    download donation form

  • Prayer Team Returns to Ministry to each mass
    starting 07-03/04-2021

    Starting July 03/04, 2021
         Members of our parish Prayer Team are available after each Mass in the front areas of each church near the Baptismal Font to pray with anyone who wishes.
         There will also be a small box nearby where you may fill out and deposit prayer requests.
         The Prayer Team can also be contacted at the email address and phone number below, if you wish to offer prayer requests in that way.
         Please keep in mind those who may not be able to email us and who also need prayers. Ask their permission to give the Prayer Team their phone number, and we will contact them to pray with them over the phone.

    Please contact us by emailing skdevangelization@gmail.com or
    leave a voicemail with your phone number or
    email address at
    724-209-1370 (ext. 412).
  •   Bereavement Ministry

    Our SKDP Bereavement Ministry will enlist Funeral Planners who will meet with the family to assist with planning the funeral liturgy.

    Volunteers will provide vigil prayers for the deceased at the funeral home the day before the funeral.

    Members will continue ongoing outreach to those in need that will offer comfort and care.

    "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." (Mt 5:4)
    If you would like to be a part of this ministry, please call the administration center at 724-209-1370, ext.404.
    Bereavement Support Resource
    by State, County and Area
    2021 edition

    Compiled and Distributed
    by Pittsburgh VITAS

    VITAS healthcare offers a wide range of telephone and video conference bereavement support groups free of charge to anyone.

    Groups are offered Monday through Saturday with day and evening options.

    States and counties are listed alphabetically. Each county is divided by region.

    Grieving and looking for support?
    Here is a list of places and resources.
    download document for the
    complete details

    Lifeline of Listening Friends
         “Lifeline of Listening Friends” is organized by volunteers to help those who've lost a loved one journey through the grieving process.

         In today's society people are expected to ‘get-over’ the loss of a loved one quickly. This is not always realistic. We know that there are many ways to grieve. We support each person’s right to grieve in an individual and unique fashion.

  • Annual Diocesan Parish Share Campaign for 2021

    2021 Parish Share Campaign  

    Read the full campaign letter

         Our annual Parish Share Campaign began March 1st for the current 2021 calendar year. The Parish Share Program supports the needs of older adults and the less fortunate: Catholic Charities, Roselia Center and Mon Valley Social Services are among the many social programs that receive support through Parish Share.

         In addition, your contribution provides a vital role in helping more than 85,000 young Catholics receive a firm grounding in their faith through parish based religious education programs as well as through campus and youth ministry, helping to bolster the spiritual development of young adult Catholics.


    The assessment as issued by the Diocese of Pittsburgh for
    Saint Katharine Drexel Parish
    in 2021 is:

    Our Parish Share assessment for the parish continues to increase as does the cost of living.

    This year, each household is asked to please consider a pledge of $350.00 to the Parish Share Program for 2021 that can be payable over the course of the year ($100.00 as the initial gift plus a monthly gift of $25.00 over the next ten months).

    You are asked to be
    as generous as you
    are able according to your means.

    Read the full campaign letter